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Daína Chaviano (Author)


Casa de juegos

Genre novel Last Edition Ciela (BULGARIA, 2013) ISBN 978-954-28-1366-8
Following her lover's instructions, Gaia finds herself in a park with a mysterious woman who leads her to a mansion where everything constantly changes. Despite the uneasiness caused by this brief visit, the young woman returns to the same place in search of explanations about certain phenomena that are beginning to occur around her. Her instinct suggests that the answer to the riddle might be inside the house. In it, she will experience terrifying, surreal experiences that, like one of those ancient Mysteries, will lead her to an understanding of herself. Forbidden ceremonies, shifting rooms, gods in human form, humans in godlike form -- nothing is certain in this supernatural universe. 

Casa de juegos is an erotic novel where the sensual and the fantastic go hand in hand to provide us with an unusual reading of Cuban reality. Daína Chaviano delves into the world of the orishas (Afro-Cuban deities), presenting us with a work that is at once highly poetic and horrifyingly perverse. 

Casa de juegos, which unfolds around the year 1988, is the second novel in «The Occult Side of Havana» series.

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